Soccer Fans – visit Cradle of Humankind when in South Africa for 2009 FIFA Confederations Cup

Report by Robert Wilson This enjoyable tour starts with a brief trip through Johannesburg to Braamfontein to the Old Fort which was developed by President Paul Kruger in 1896. It was initially used to protect the Zuid Afrikaanische Republiek (ZAR) from the risk of a British invasion. Later on it grew to become a higher […]

Comedy Football 2009 – (part 2/2) – Funny, humor and bizarre soccer from 2009 by | Songs Credits – Playlist (in order): **************************** Jimmy Cliff – “Fantastic Entire world, Lovely People” Bobby Darin – “Dream Lover” Rage Against the Machine – “A Bullet in the Head” Bloodhound Gang – “Hell Yeah” Marvin Gaye – “Sitting On A Dock By The Bay” Stay – “Shit Towne” System of a […]