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  1. Fuck off Norton you queer little cunt,there’s too many faggots like you on telly.

  2. @jc123456789ify OHH i thought he said “I look like fearne britton, lost a bit of weight” as in he looked like a thin version of her!! oh, ok, that makes more sense XD

  3. @mattiepearson LOL yeah i was trying to explain it to my irish friends and found myself saying “soo we all wear these big red noses, y’know, like clowns…”
    So, just a warning, Irish people now think the English are weird. My bad…

  4. @mattiepearson I live in NZ 2, i miss the English TV! Jason Manford is brilliant 🙂 x

  5. I haven’t been in the UK for 5 years and haven’t watched Comic Relief for a while, but he must have obviously come on late at night or early morning, but what a bunch of tossers. Jason is great, we catch him quite a bit down her in New Zealand and I personally rate him very highly. Keep going Jason.

  6. The Crowd clearly doesnt know a Awsome Comedian when the see 1

    Jason Manford Rules

  7. classic example of what happens when you invite people with depression to your party

  8. Makes me proud to live in Manchester. Funny, clever, witty… he should do more stand up.

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