25 replies on “SOUTH KOREA 1 0 NORTH KOREA WCQ 01 04 2009”

  1. @Kronixzz I wonder how what percentage out of the entire North Korean population actually serve the Kim pig with their heart. Every North Korean athlete who has traveled to another country at some point should know they were getting brainwashed

  2. @RonaldoDinhoBrasil The real EAST-ASIAN EL CLASICO is South Korea vs Japan. even the FIFA said.

  3. @RSJohn45 and what can North Korea do against B-2 Spirit bombers, absolutely nothing. It’s safe to say South Korea has more chance of surviving the war than North. If that’s not enough, K1A1 South Korean tanks will be having easy time against Chonmaho North Korean tanks. Better armor, more firepower, quantity, K1A1 is superior in every department.

  4. @RSJohn45 it’s likely that both of the Koreas would be wiped off the face of the earth
    North Korea even threatened Japan not to help SK and send an army to rescue any Japanese living in Korea. And since, Japan is the most dedicated ally of US, it has to enter the war. NK is even willing to use some of its missiles against Japan. If North Korea miraculously survives the war, US Carrier George Washington will be waiting in Japan with its invincible stealth F-22 fighers, F-117 bombers

  5. @RSJohn45 I mean 90% in an hour – if war breaks out, Seoul has to abandoned, it’s so hard to defend anyway. And, North Korea, on the other hand, be up against fury from the skies, their outdated MiG-29 will be no match against South Korea’s F-15K fighers. Even against F-16, they’ll have tough time. And keep in mind F-15K are deadly fighter-BOMBERS.
    use the nuclear weapons and the world will turn its back on North Korea, Kim Jung Il will be slitted in the neck and follow the fate of Hussein.

  6. @RSJohn45 No anti-artillery weapon system can destroy a battery of thousands of artillery simultaneously.
    Currently, South Korea has enough anti-artillery Spike Missile Launchers to destroy 90% of all the North Korean artillery that is directed at Seoul. Seoul is so hard to defend, it’s
    NickyAmerica is right, North Korea is only good for its land troops, chemical/nuclear weapons.

  7. @RSJohn45
    Lol, South Korea has a better army then North Korea.
    North Korea has shit from WWII Soviet tech.

  8. @tanksta0wns in a perfect world that might be true. south korea doesnt have the artillery to destroy north korea before north destroyed south. they might put up a fight..

  9. @RSJohn45 1 Half-ass nuke. South korea would bomb the shit out of them and 80% of the north korean army if not more would defect in a heartbeat.

  10. @tanksta0wns do u have any idea what would happen if south korea fought north korea without interference from a different country? South korea vs an army of a million+nuclear weapons? there wouldnt be a south korea on the map. anyway im glad south korea won the soccer game

  11. Fucking North Korea needs to be overthrown. I think South Korea should fight north korea without any help from other countries. Dictatorships usually dont last a 3rd generation. He doesent look like he can lead worth shit. He can surely eat like a champion but he cant represent north korea worth shit. We need to cook North koreas presidents son up and feed him to starving villagers.

  12. Failure of the system – failure of the eye covering bullcrap reflected of sportsman. Sorry for all lost NK sportsmen who will now have to face hard labour punishment works after not winning World Cup. LOL goodluck next time LOL

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