11 replies on “MMA Live – The Pulse (May 28, 2009 – Part 3 of 4)”

  1. i agree…i don’t think rashad is over rated as a total fighter..just with his boxing..he’s not that technical

  2. well. they started to hype of the Rashad fight before Machida..then it was Machida that Fought Rashad. I dont think Rashad is overrated…He has only lost one fight. He has fought good fighters. Anyone has a chance..it only takes one punch, kick, take down..to win. However, Machida is a smart fighter..really smart..it would be interesting. No matter who fights Machida. UFC 100 cant wait

  3. rampage isnt fighting machida…hes fighting rashad..and machida is fighting shogun….plus i think rampage has a chance to beat machida,,rashad is overrated with his striking …imo

  4. Fedor is pound for pound the best mma fighter. Rampage will not win against Machida. I like Rampage but styles do make fights. Machida has too much for Rampage to handle.

  5. GSP is waaaay overated. I would like to see him fight Anderson Silva or fight Machida.

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