VUVUZELA CONCERT by the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra (Vuvuzelas Music FIFA Football World Cup 2010)

The Vuvuzela employs in the course of the FIFA Football Globe Cup 2010 in South Africa, now executed by the Berlin Philarmonic Orchestra (Berliner Philharmoniker Orchestra) in a beautiful concert. The vuvuzela gets to be well-known for the duration of the football games of the FIFA South Africa entire world cup in June 2010 executed…

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  1. @slightlygrouchy

    This song is an old cabaret piece entitled Berliner Lüft, literally Berlin Air. The title refers to a belief that the city air was somehow “different” and encouraged more risque behavior. It is indeed a tradition to clap along with the music, even if the words aren’t being sung. It’s supposed to be fun, and this clearly was.

  2. @RaMPaNTe – As far as I know, clapping along to this particular march is a Berlin tradition. It’s been done for many decades.

  3. I hate when people clap at music being played… they ruin the whole thing! Stupid people always do the same… they thing they can keep up with the beat!

  4. @slightlygrouchy From what I understand, it’s not so much as it’s forbidden as much as it’s just not the official lyrics. Most countries only have the one verse be official (in America, we technically have Francis Scott Key’s entire poem, but we only occasionally so much as use the second verse, let alone all the rest of them!) If anything, it’s just a convenience thing. And the third verse has the most power anyways.

  5. @hilarycopp – Germans don’t sing the first stanza or their anthem (“Deutschland ueber alles”). It’s forbidden and it’s singing is prosecuted. I never heard it in a stadium, not even from Hooligans. And why would they sing it? No German identifies with Nazi Germany (apart from Skinheads and Neo-Nazis, who are a microscopic minority).

  6. Finally, a PRACTICAL use for the Vuvuzela that isn’t annoy the crap out of me!

    Very nice 🙂

  7. patent for your new invention the VUVUZELA – $5000
    crazy production increase for World Cup netts you – $250000
    Seeing your creation played at a orchestra with other brass instruments – PRICELESS!!LOL

  8. I went to 4 games in Johannesburg and I LOVED THE VUVUZELAS!!! Sure if one was blown in a tight space or right in your ear it was loud, but they really got people up and moving the in cold!
    South Americans have their songs, the Brits have their lovely and rude rhymes, the Germans sing Uber Alles… Come now.. in reality it’s just another annoying thing fans do during a match! 🙂
    PS.. The South African fans were AMAZING!! <3 from Canada!

  9. @gloomysunnyboy
    It’s a open air concert with food, alcohol and it is suppose to be fun. And it’s a really old song from berlin so this is like the invitation of clapping hands.

  10. clapping hands to a concert is a very bad style…

    maybe typically german xD

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