12 replies on “Alicia Keys – South Africa Kick-Off-Concert FIFA 2010 LIVE HD”

  1. @lance1france Because Alicia is smart and knows how to connect with the audience. Besides,a live performance should always depart from the norm.

  2. goosebumps. I have seen her 3 times now and I just can’t get enough of this amazingly talented women

  3. @lance1france

    Listen to the song carefully before criticizing. She did get creative and substitute ” JoBurg ” and ” Africa ” for New York in the chorus at a certain point. In any case so what if she sang Empire State Of Mind in South Africa ? She has performed it in L.A., and many other cities globally other that NY. She is paying tribute to her hometown.

  4. @lance1france If you listen to the lyrics, she adds “Joburg” instead of New York in some verses.

  5. Wonderfull Alicia I love all you music and I wait in Chile you voice beatifull

  6. OMG! Ich hab grad ein Deja-Vu! Danke fürs Uploaden! Super Channel for a Super Star!

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