25 replies on “Olly Murs — Bring on Soccer Aid”

  1. @italy9top Hes an ex semipro but had to quit coz of injury and u could tell tht night that HE WAS briliant! Allnight along with Damian Lewis he was really good 🙂

  2. I’m so glad you didn’t turn into a diva-ass, and stayed a nice normal guy:) Thank you, Olly, for being you:)

  3. haha i raised some money for tht hope you had a nice time olly 😀 luv all your music

  4. I saw you I was like OMG OLLY OLLY OLLY!! You should’ve won! <3 <3 😀 (:

  5. i love you olly so much, you was the best player i reckon, i love you so much really want to meet you!

  6. hi olly i saw you play on tv and u were the best player on the pitch and when u got subd we started to loose only because u werent there and it went to penos and u scored!!

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