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25 replies on “Metallica Creeping Death (live) San Diego Live Shit Binge”

  1. I think the like button should be the only clickable button. the other one says fuck off and DIE MOTHERFUCKER!

  2. die…. die die die die die… DIE! By my hand! I creep across the land, killing firstborn man!!! MOTHERFUCKER!
    When those guys finish, never again a band like them will walk this Earth… m/ !!

  3. to all of you people who put Bieber in your status: Its people like you that make him so popular. I wouldn’t have even heard of him of it wasn’t for people complaining about him on the internet.

  4. This is so much better than Moscow 91, Idk why, James just sounds more into the music.

  5. all how singed died in this consert just wantet that justin bieber’s mother should use Condom = (

  6. (rhythmically) DIE!! DIE!! DIE!! DIE!! DIE!! DIE!! DIE!! DIE MOTHER FUCKER DIE!!!!!

  7. Would hardly call this the best performance of this song. Check out the version on the Moscow “Monsters Of Rock” and you may change your mind.

  8. @xflores25x yeah dude new rock suck huge cock. Avenged sevenfold is the worst piece of shit to ever get in to music.. I hate them… as you can tell.. This video makes me want to scare the shit out of my friends.

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