The Morning Benders – Cold War live

View the entire interview on . Video interview with singer and guitarist Christopher Chu of the Morning Benders, FaceCulture spoke to Chu about soccer, his time in Berkeley and San Francisco, his first songs, shifting to New York, signing to a big labe, compliments, the new album Huge Echo, recording spaces, mixing, analyzing songs, and tons a lot more. They also play their song Cold War dwell.

9 replies on “The Morning Benders – Cold War live”

  1. does anybody know whats chords hes using after he sings “through the night”?

  2. The guy sitting at the top of the stairs has the Stefan Janoski’s on lol(Nike skate shoe) I wonder if he saktes..
    This was goood,but I prefer them do it like the album one…If possible

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