Spain v Italy Gameplay ft. Fernando Torres, Iker Casillas (FIFA 2010 World Cup South Africa) Sports Click on this to view -FIFA 2010 Globe Cup South Africa Story of Qualifying Trailer [High definition] Spain v Italy Gameplay ft. Fernando Torres, Iker Casillas (FIFA 2010 Entire world Cup South Africa) Sports activities Corey is playing FIFA 2010 Planet Cup South Africa and he’s not the best, but his commentary certain is humorous. DIRECTOR’S CHANNEL: – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Follow Machinima on Twitter! Machinima Within Gaming Machinima Respawn Machinima Entertainment, Technologies, Culture FOR Far more MACHINIMA, GO TO: FOR More GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR A lot more Sports activities GAMEPLAY, GO TO: TAGS: yt:good quality=high 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa EA Canada Sports Playstation 3 PS3 Xbox360 Xbox 360 Wii Nintendo iPhone OS Transportable PSP Online Network Levels of competition Competitive Gaming Sport UPC 014633194104 014633194128 GAM3VIDZ Demo Gameplay stay commentary Spain david villa fernando torres soccer footbal futbol gam3vidz iker casillas gamevidz
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25 replies on “Spain v Italy Gameplay ft. Fernando Torres, Iker Casillas (FIFA 2010 World Cup South Africa) Sports”

  1. You should pass the ball to your teammates sometimes, and try to do some crossings, an offside is when your player is ahead of the defenders of the opposite team and you give him the ball, it’s about the position of your striker! and a football game is played in 90 minutes+some extra minutes usually ranging from 1 to 5 or 6 minutes (it depends on the time that the referee decides was lost during the game) and Spain rocks, it’s the team that won the latest world cup!!
    Peace from Morocco!!

  2. yea bro, try crossing more ( where you lob the ball in the air at the edge of the box) it is the x button. While its in the air and it is going to ur player, press b so he headers it or shoots it. And at the barrier or whatever you call it, press B so you can shoot over them and not pass…

  3. lol this guy is sick u are a legend and when u got the goal lol good goal it was

  4. YEAAAH GOOOOOAL! That makes this video, the best video on youtube. xD
    I really laughed my ass off.

  5. @jamietaylor1139 Well your opinion and judging by the other comments. Apparently you suck as well. Grow up…

  6. learn how to speak about FOOTBALL
    header – not headbutt
    guy and a goalie = penalty
    first round – first half
    2-1 not two to one
    offside – LEARN it you retard
    3-1 not three and one
    goes to NINETY not hundred
    fucking yank

  7. Haha nice vid its funny watching some one that knows nothing bout footie 😀
    by the way its a header not a head but!!

  8. Ha. That was a great video. Good to have someone commentate a football game when they don’t know much about it 🙂 And a heads up. When you score you can move your player about and press/hold the X, Y, A, B to do little celebrations. You can check them out in the pause menu. Would like to see what you do 😀 Enjoyed your video. For FIFA please 😀

    BTW. Torres FTW!! ;D

  9. Haha stick to Call of Duty man…. lol
    Oh and matches go up to 90 minues man….lol

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