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Chinese Super League development more than 10 a long time, in addition to the nationwide team’s accomplishments and more negative, what is there to embody the “professional” degree? In 30 August of Shenhua Shenzhen staff game away and prior to entirely proved this point: as Shenzhen crew sporting the incorrect game Inexpensive Soccer Jerseys and Shenhua white shirt “hit the shirt”, the game was delayed by a full hour. Shenhua and Shenzhen match scheduled for 15: 30 hrs and other many games at the commence, but players appeared, the judge discovered wrong, Shenhua group away wearing white race uniforms, Shenzhen team athletes also wear white outfits, you can comply with the back links I will just before the match, take house Shenzhen crew apparel colors should be blue shirt and shorts, for this explanation, had to rush back far Shenzhen crew xili base changing clothes. Journey and training base and competitors venues get 40 minutes, on-website followers only in the afternoon temperatures of Shenzhen. Up to 16 factors, there is nonetheless no back again thai jersey Shenzhen staff, Shenhua factors to deliver representatives to a magistrate xiehui as representations, as this is Shenzhen lapses if not at sixteen: 30 hrs back alternative game, they have the correct to assume is to abandon the race. Shenzhen team Boss Jeffrey Zhu is twice ran to the referee’s Lounge scene followers asked, refund is chanted. 16: 20 minutes, reside broadcast notification Shenzhen staff italia nationwide crew soccer jerseys is about to be served. Soon after two minutes, Shenzhen group Staff Providers Liu Feng Lei holding the blue Jersey balls Shenzhen staff trousers to the stadium. The players occur out of their formation, Shenhua players ready to kick-off, the main Conference and pause the game, simply because some of the planet-Shenhua objective, edge Conference and numerous staff members also hastened the former “trap”, the game was delayed for five minutes, and check the appropriate-hand perform ought to have in the extremely early crops by edges. sixteen position 38, Shenzhen group and Shenhua sport finally commenced, while the other matches of the 2nd fifty percent of the sport play has started out. This kind of a funny scene in Super is not a precedent, 2007 Shenzhen team kezhan Shaanxi zhongxin also seasoned similar circumstances, it would seem that it was not intentional Shenzhen staff “whole” Shenhua.

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