25 replies on “Plan B – The Recluse – Paul O’Grady Live (1st Oct 2010)”

  1. Did anyone hear at 3:44 that wanker paul o grady say that he was “common as muck!!”

  2. He should stay away from reggae and rap. His first album bombed. He should look at the grass he’s on and not get ahead of himself. This is my favorite album of the last 10 years and its heavily stylised their is no guarantee the fans of this album will buy a reggae or rap album which is dangerous. But he shouldnt take this for granted. This album is sublime i would happily buy another soul album of his i heard him do a reggae version of prayin it didnt sound right

  3. selling out?? he’s performing the music he likes, first album was rap, second album soul his next album is gonna be reggae. Some people don’t know talent when they see it.

  4. Defamation of Strickland Banks is one of my top albums, too little artists are actually good enough to sing this style and need electronic dubbing. Plan B deserves all the credit he gets.

  5. I don’t see how people can say it’s a sell out, he went from rap to soul and it’s not like soul is what all the kids are listening to these days is it? I think he’s brave as fuck to go from being a rapper to a soul singer.

  6. Seems like he is getting his voice back which is great the guy is a phenomenal talent but i’ve heard him do some live performanced recently where his voice hasnt quite been there. Watch ‘plan b mama jools holland’ from 4 years ago listen to how good his voice was back then

  7. Dont understand the selling out comments. He did hip-hop. I hadn’t heard it, but people seemed to like it. Now he has done this album. Which has open my eyes to this artist, and now im listening to his hip-hop. So its the excact opposite of selling out 🙂

  8. Awww his smile at the end is really sweet,and yeah that’s why he’s called plan b latviandoll

  9. maybe plan a didnt work for him cos he tryed to be the Justin timberlake guy with his songs but that didnt feel right for him so i guess plan b is cos he was always bit of outsider…

  10. i love his voice-he makes songs very original plus he still raps in his songs so he is staying “true” to Ben people know from the 1st album. i don’t know if he really cares if he is a sell out artist or not-he is doing what he likes because his heart is in it as he said himself in an interview! i plus he isnt making songs bout money,bitches and ho’s-so many “artists” are doing the same thing that i can’t remember all their names! He is very talanted,has his own twist in songs and that’s great!

  11. Huge plan B fan. Not his best performance tho. His voice was off at times.

    Great song tho.

  12. As Plan B says at 1.25 “Why don’t you leave me alone, I ain’t hurting nobody, why you up in my face” He’s not a sell out. Just support a young British lad that’s doin good for himself.

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