25 replies on “PES 2011 – Manchester United vs Olympique Lyonnais XBOX 360 [NEW] [HD]”

  1. @Ownagekiddod Well TBH the intro is better here but the graphics of the gameplay and the gameplay itself are better in Fifa.

  2. @TerryMalone1 Only the intro is but the gameplay is not. Even the graphics of the gameplay are not as good as Fifa’s. They are like Fifa 2007’s graphics.

  3. @ 1:23 “Ouch my butt hurts. Rooney should have went easy on me. I told him Butts weren’t sexual organs but he wouldn’t believe me”

  4. The graphic was wicked! but the that was a horrible gameplay. If PES fix the gameplay maybe PES will be way better than FIFA

  5. fifa has way better graphics man you must be retarded pes looks like anime graphics, plus the gameplay in pes is awful it looks like fifa 2006 lols.

  6. fifa is more realistic and have all actual players movements and stuff,,but pes is more fun and better graphics..but the atmosphere in fifa and the intense is better plus the trade marks and all kind o teams that u cant find it in pes is there…plus the multiplayers is was better and dont lag like pes…well its confsing when u try to compare with those but competition between both of them is always better for us gamers

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