Paul Pogba do not placed any bids

It has been denied by the Sky Blues that there are any bids placed from their side regarding Paul Pogba.

The reports are circling around in the Italian media that a 60-million Pound bid was placed.

Pogba is believed to be one of the two players topping the shortlist of the City management at the moment.

The other one is Raheem Sterling.

As far as Pogba is concerned, he was one of the best performers for Juventus in the European Cup last season.

Although, his efforts were not enough for his team to get to the glory in the epic final versus Barca, still he ended up receiving praises from all quarters for his all round show in the whole tournament.

Juventus is quite open to selling him though. Going by the words of the boss Allegri, one can assume that a big bid for the Frenchman might prompt the club to let him go.

A couple of days back, when Allegri was asked about Pogba’s transfer, he said, “It’s something that the board will have to decide, but, I must say when somebody comes with a big offer, it can get slightly hard not to have the deal finalized.”

It’s unknown though whether 60-million was that big offer which he was talking about there.

Pogba had actually played in England at the start of his career.

Manchester United’s the first club which he had featured for at the senior level. So, he would be aware of the sort of competition that he might have to deal with in the Premier League.

However, he just had a one-year stint at Old Trafford before he got transferred to Juventus where has spent three years so far and has played more than 100 games.