Metallica – All Nightmare Long (Live Premiere 2008)

LUCK. RUNS. OUT. NO Copy & PASTE CRAP ON MY Video clips! I upload movies to YouTube so people can go over them. I will delete each Copy & Paste thing I can spot. Write your personal words for god’s sake! Metallica taking part in All Nightmare Prolonged for the initial time at any time on December 5th, 2008 in Calgary, AB (Pengrowth Saddledome). Enjoy, fuckers! [c] and

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  1. You can actually see that Metallica tried to bring back there old music through Death Magnetic, and i must say, this album is VERY good. But me, (as a true fan), likes all there albums 😀

  2. I still think the best metallica albums are Kill ’em all, Ride the lightning, Master of Puppets, …and Justice for all, Metallica, Load, ReLoad, Garage Inc., St. Anger and Death Magnetic!

  3. In my opinion THE best song of the Metallica’s last decade! Such power, brutality, great lyrics, this is THRASH!

  4. Hi there people! Would you please listen to my ‘tallica cover ? Visit my channel and don’t forget to comment. Don’t forget this year is Metallica’s 30 aniversary, we must make this video the most watched of youtube as a gift for them =)

  5. i dont know, why so many people hate kirk, and his wah, i think he is a very god guitarrist, and jealous people can not use the wah pedal as well as kirk.

  6. @DAGDAsRevenge uhhh I’m not an idiot to not knowing that they change somethings when they are live, in fact a lot of bands do that. And btw didn’t you read what I wrote at the final of my comment?

  7. Yellow shirt at 5:43, I saw you partially rocking out..Don’t try to hide it, or the bassist’s dreadlocks will eat you.

  8. @Deivix9719 Theyre tight! WTF U talkin about? You know how many notes they played in their lives? I’d say theyre batting a 99.8% average out of countless billions. If you really wanted to get technical, James doesnt follow all the lyrics and tone exactly like the record, Kirk’s solo is a little different, and Lars legs/ arms are getting older now (LOL), but who gives a f*ck, it’s better live and kickin ass! Saw them in ’86 at my first show before they were super famous, theyre still kick ass!

  9. The Death Magnetic brought back a taste of Master Of Puppets, Ride The Lightning, Kill ‘Em All, etc! and this is really cool m/

  10. favorite song from death magnetic older stuffs better in my opinon but it dsent matter cause metallicas the shit either way 😀

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