Lionel Messi vs. Wayne Rooney [2011 TRAILER] HD

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  1. @80manunited england defenders are better than defenders in spain? How? Why did england get bitch slapped in the world cup while spain only conceded like 1 goal and went on to win it? Get a clue, watch more football and stop being a puppet. The defences are more technical and tactical in la liga and people underrate them. United couldn’t score a single goal in 4 games against villarreal and villarreal are much better now than they were then.

  2. @Koncealed4096 the day rooney has the ability to dribble past 5/6 players with ease then he can come back. I’ve heard many big name pundits saying messi is the best ever. I’ve never heard anyone say anything close to that about rooney.

  3. @Pagnah And he wouldn’t have no problems in the prem. It’s very very overrated. I remember when people said torres wouldn’t handle it and he’s scored more goals per game than anyone else in prem history since it got the name back in 92. Torres ain’t even anything special either. He wasn’t all that for atletico and has never been on the level of david villa. If Xavi, Iniesta, Messi or Villa were in the prem. They’d be the best player in the league by far.

  4. @Pagnah Ronaldo just does step overs while stood 10 meters away from his opponant, doesn’t beat a single player, then flicks it to the side of him. How is that good? While he’s doing this, messi will have ripped past 5/6 players with pure natural ability. Messi is up there with the greats of the game. The Maradonas and the Cruijffs. Ronaldos just a poor mans ronaldinho with a 1/4 of the ability, who scores more tap ins.

  5. @Pagnah ronaldo can do whatever he wants in both leagues? No he can’t. Its very rare you see him beating opponants, I’ve never seen him make pinpoint passes, I’ve never seen him have the close control or the first touch. In la liga, he’s just turned into a goal poacher who gets in the right place at the right time in the 6 yard box. Messis a much better player and anyone who knows anything about footy will say the same.

  6. koncealed No its not that comment is retarted wayne rooney is gonna be put into HISTORY FOR FOOTBALL and why would ADDIADAS and NIKE sponser rooney but not messi?

  7. Rooney tends to use his striking abilities abit more but Messi prefers tricks and his pace.

  8. @Crea7uh Lol. CRonaldo is better than Messi. Rooney plays in the hardest league in the world, and he has been injured, yet he provides extreme substance to Uniteds forward(having lack of a creative midfielder) and does all the job himself. Messi has it the easy way in La Liga. Ronaldo has proven he can do whatever he wants in both leagues. Messi would have gotten huge problems in PL.

  9. It’s so hard to compare them.. Rooney is a physical beast, he dominates the offense and when he plas mid or even rotates to defense players avoid him because he is the most determined, athletic, and brutally strong player out there. And Messi is just an offensive genius who has literally changed the shape and style of the game at such a young age. They are both the best at what they do. Rooney is all-around a much more solid player but Messi is an innovative genius

  10. i dont even understand how you can compare these two. messi is in a different class to rooney and every other player in the world.

  11. yeah ok sure messi winger rooney striker rooney best striker messi 2nd best winger unlucky

  12. Wayne is verry good! But Messi makes “good” look like amateur… Leo is the best

  13. @KWSoccer Rooney is much better england defenders are much better than the defenders in spain and rooney scores almost evry change

  14. cant believe there is a video that compares rooney to messi,,HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH,,,what an insult that is to messi,,messi shits on rooney,EASY

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