25 replies on “Fifa 2010 World Cup Brazil Vs Argentina 2nd Half”

  1. @Tourpido he didnt play in the recent world cup, but he played in all the others in the recent past… he was one of the stars on the brasilian team i dont know if you know who you are talking about, but you should look him up before leaving a comment that is just like saying ” messi isnt from argentina hes from the bahamas”

  2. ronaldinho or kaka must kick freekicks
    dani supposed to kick long freekicks.
    but nice game

  3. your 2nd free kick was awesome!!!! it would be nicer if you would score it!

  4. hey every1 i have both xbox360 and ps3, can anyone plz give me an idea wat fifa world cup 2010 should i buy on the xbox360 or the ps3

  5. @RikkyMachado theyre in the game. well thts what EA says i guess theyre only in the tournament

  6. @RikkyMachado there is no vuvuzelas in south american matches unless your in south africa in the group stages

  7. @L4zyAss Yes they did… it’s called Winning Eleven: Blue Samurai. It only got released for consoles and only in Japan I think.

  8. @Jokkkicc
    sorry, but you are from, I have both FIFA and PES, and I find FIFA to be more realistic, PES have improvements too, but FIFA has more and is better.
    Fifa have a more realistic movements and gameplay.

  9. Pes is much better than this game. Pes is more realistic. Pes have vuvuzelas, real scoreboard, stadiums, and ambient is much better than this.

  10. @RikkyMachado this game was released before the World Cup started , i guess they didnt know there would be Vuvuzelas.

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