Elton John – Elton Soccer Suit Settled

Elton John – Elton Soccer Suit Settled
SIR ELTON JOHN’s concert promoters have settled a legal battle with bosses at a Scottish soccer club after their playing field was wrecked by a 2004 ROCKET MAN gig.Aberdeen Football Club owners filed a $ 54,000 (36,000) lawsuit in 2009 after the turf at Pittodrie Stadium was ruined by leaked oil and heavy equipment used at Sir Elton’s live…

‘Brilliant’ day as Will meets hero
Southampton’s Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, left, with Will Jones. ELECTRICIAN’S son Will Jones had a live-wire meeting with his soccer heroes in the highly charged atmosphere of Southampton’s FA Cup tie with giants Manchester United.

Baby Maker Extreme is the top Xbox Live Indie Game… and more fun statistics
This is the beauty of Xbox Live’s marketplace for small, independently published titles – where else would a game that involves slinging babies out between a pregnant mom’s legs be able to rise to the top of the charts?