David Bisbal Spain World Cup Champions 2010 Celebration Fiesta k’naan Wavin Flag Live 12 – 07 -10

K’naan feat David Bisbal Wavin Flag Spain Planet Cup Celebration Fiesta Live 12 – 07 – 2010 | ~~~SPAIN Planet CHAMPIONS~~~ | David Bisbal CELEBRACION Y FIESTA EN ESPAÑA CON LOS CAMPEONES MUNDIALES DE FUTBOL twelve-07-2010

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  1. They reallydo put on the best shows for winning competitions! Vamos Espana!!!!!!!!!! <3

  2. @GIOvanni16041

    C’mon GIOvanni, you just can’t get it we lose the final. Be happy that Holland reach te final. WC 2010 did play Holland very well, they just screwed the final, and so, we lose. Learn to live whit it.

    For all Holland haters, please dont hate all Netherlands peaple cuz of this idiots. Thankyou

    Btw. I am Holland 😀 😀
    and Sorry for the bad englisch 😡

  3. de la conchadesumadre hijos de la madre patria

    “hijos de …..” lo logramos , ya podemos decir mision cumplida.

    q los brasileños se vayan alamer rocoto….esto es pa los brasileños q vieron la final por TV…!!!brasil 2014!!!!! jajajaja son webadas no pasa nada con esta generacion brasileña …falta un ronaldo, un rivaldo, un ze roberto, un roberto carlos,,,,asi q por las webas es…..ESPAÑA SOMOS LA ENVIDIA DEL MUNDO…..o ME EKIVOCO ? ¿ MMMM?

  4. viva españaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 😀 campeones somos campeones tomad perras holandesas 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  5. vibaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa espaaaaaññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  6. @bartthaman
    This was only a very small part, they had a lot more and better things, and the parade was awsome.

  7. @mat200591 Congrats to the Spanish players for giving their fans around the world so much joy, first Euro 2008 and now the World Cup, you really do care for your fans. I’ll never forget how ecstatic Iker and the boys were when they lifted the World Cup. Bad luck to the Neverlands there’s always a next time.hehe

  8. if u watch the dutch celebratin 2nd u would thinkk they won it, spain players look like they dont care, the fans another story

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