Autistic Superstars Martin Temper Trap Sweet Disposition *BEST QUALITY*

Martin Sings Temper Trap Sweet Disposition. Autistic Superstars broadcast BBC3 20th May possibly 2009. The concluding part of the documentary in which radio DJ Reggie Yates follows a group of autistic folks among the ages of 11 and 23 throughout the develop-up to a 1-off music effectiveness. The day of the event arrives, with seasoned experts these as pianist Derek Paravicini carrying out alongside a cast with little knowledge, like 18-year-previous Martin, who is nearly entirely non-verbal – except when he sings. I do not own this video nor do I claim to very own this video clip. All video clip/sound copyright & residence of BBC/BBC 3. © BBC 2010
Video clip Rating: 4 / five

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  1. @urbanscubadiver1

    Just so you know I am speaking from personal experience from thimerasol nerve damage.

  2. @urbanscubadiver1

    Have a look at Table A here: nationalautismassociation . org/thimerosal . php

    Scroll 1/4 of the way down to see table. The similarities are stricking. Autism is merely a newly labeled disorder to enrich pharmaceutical companies and their hangers on which includes psychiatrists, social workers, counselors, private treatment centers, University graduate study departments (my friend just got her MA in “Autistic” eduction. THe “gluten” thing is merely a diversion.

  3. @urbanscubadiver1

    I think you mean Thimerasol, a preservative a vaccines. Then entire concept of vaccines is completely useless and detrimental. I have vaccine damage and there are plenty of “peer reviewed” studies showing a strong correlation of mercury from vaccines to neurological disorders. All diseases are caused by toxins and poor nutrition. Your question is valid. Some can naturally eliminated toxins and some have trouble. We can’t avoid them but we can protect

  4. @noclassatall …im intrigued?? is autism a “new disease”??and is “autism” a industry”??..granted..there hav bin lots of dodgy vacinnes in the past,especially the one “Thalidomide “……..but if ur point is…theres so many toxins in the air,water,food and nutriental deficients in are modern day diets tht cause this!! then shouldnt there be a world wide panick around the world??..ppl should stop havin kids??? “no”?? cos theres a good chance they will turn out “autistic”???…….

  5. “Autism” is bullshit propogated by the pharmaceutical and “Autism” industry in general. Mercury in vaccines, toxins in air water, food and nutrient deficient diets are the cause of most neuroogical afflictions that we like to label as new diseases. Check comparison of traits in “Autism” and Mercury poisoning online. They are nearly identical.

  6. This song always reminds me of Martin. Who after watching him on the programme was shocked in a unexpected way, that something so great can be performed by him with his condition, always makes me emotionally amazed and I would say proud, that he and all the other stars as they are performed just Great!
    Massive respect for Reggie and his team for the programme.

  7. This whole series put me through the mill of emotions and to cry with happiness at Martins performance at the end was lovely its good to feel love@light

  8. Wow what a voice Martin has & sang that great song perfect. Well done & 2 thumbs up from me 🙂

  9. Amazing! my son Braden is on the spectrum, he is 5yrs old and has no speach at all at the moment. if im feeling down i watch this video and it fills my heart with hope and my eyes with tears, i dont know you Martin but im so proud of you.

  10. i watched the programme when it was on the tv, and i dont mind sayin his rendition of sweet disposition blew me away absolute amazing. makes my chest burn and my eyes water every time

  11. he’s fucking awesome!!!

    i don’t rly like this kind of music but this is AWESOME!

  12. @Mariegungor
    You should indeed be proud of him – what a performance.
    Was listening to the original (on you tube… /watch?v=jxKjOOR9sPU ) when someone commented, “I first heard this song performed by a young man with severe autism, on a show called Autistic Superstars. He sang it perfectly and i <3 this song now."

    Couldn't agree more.

    All the best


  13. I love this!! I have a 3 year old who is Autistic and he started singing since he was just under 2… he doesnt speak much but he can sing most of the songs I know… this gives me so much comfort, hope and joy <3

  14. He has a very strong and powerful voice. More power to him, I hope he never stops singing. Singing is one of the most beautiful expressions of humanity.

  15. @weeain34
    And all I haven’t mentioned,
    Thank you for all your kind and lovely words they mean so much to my parents and myself, Martin reads some of the comments and smiles but unable to reply!! We read everyone of them:) Martin also has a facebook page Martin Finn from autistic superstars.
    Martin released a cd 2 years ago, and has recently become an Ambassador for Autism Radio uk, which was a very proud moment.
    Kind Regard

  16. @weealn34 Hi Weealn34, It’s an internet radio station. The address is (w w w dot autismradiouk dot co dot uk). Sorry for typing it like that but youtube doesn’t allow website addresses to be typed in posts or replies for some unknown reason. There’s a link at that site to stream the station live. There’s also a catch up section for shows some listners may have missed.

  17. @RareAspie Hi what channel is your station on , what a fantastic thing to do . I wish i thought of that , i hope the launch goes well . Let me know & I’ll spread the word in Glasgow

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