25 replies on “WWE Raw 14/3/2011 : The Rock Funny Segment On John Cena and Miz”

  1. Cena didn’t even have a chance poor fruity pebble its the Rock no one has yet to go to his skills on the mic in this era of WWE

  2. @supasonichuntas they brought back the attitude era wrestlers are becoz the talent that is in the current wrestling era fukin suks!!! they cant do shit!!! sub me

  3. @MrBumassful it’s doesent matter how fucking best cm punk is the rock is still the most electrifying man in all of entertainement!!!!!! Pite Bomb!!!!

  4. @domidown are you that really retarded to believe that this was real? let me guess your another dumbass john cena fan thats knows NOTHING about wrestling?


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