9 replies on “Coerver Basic Ball Mastery”

  1. overall a good video. you kept it simple, and i think others can take this and have some success replicating it. getting kids to start this earlier will improve their game immensely.

  2. thumbs up! the funniest thing must be the men running in the background 😀 , the girls are trying to record a serious video lesson, and behind them rushes a group of sexy half naked men! 😀

  3. i use this type of drills to make my players/student master in its moves and it has a great result… thank you….this makes a more powerful soccer in the Philippines, promise, in few years Philippine football is force to recon with.

  4. @nainatugal I think he means 1500 per session this is a great vid Coerver is the best system for sure we use it for our Travel team good luck

  5. i have a question.. what do you mean by 1,500 touches per week? does that mean each exercise requires 1,500 touches a week? or does the 1,500 touches amount to all the exercises which means 214 touches per exercise?? btw great video! this will benefit me a lot! thanks! 🙂

  6. I play for an Academy team in Toronto, Ontario and the coaches for every team in the academy use your method’s to help develop the players so thank you!

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