Man Utd Facing £85 Million Champions League Loss

Manchester United stand to lose a hefty £85 million – primarily through sponsorship and TV money – if they failed to qualify for the Champions League next season. The club remain sixth in the table even after a brilliant 3-0 win over Leicester City during the weekend.

The result has certainly helped United take advantage of competitors like Arsenal and Liverpool dropping points. However, it seems that at least 6 teams will be involved in the fight for the top four places. There is a distinct possibility of United dropping out of the Champions League qualification for a second consecutive campaign. Continue reading “Man Utd Facing £85 Million Champions League Loss”


International shipping giant DHL has announced that it will be launching the second wave of the advertising campaign along with Manchester United in this month. Manchester United are regarded to be one of the greatest club’s in the world, with an estimated 670 million followers around the world.

They are especially popular in Asia, where they have twice the number of followers than Barcelona. As a result, it is not surprising that a company like DHL has decided to take advantage of the popularity Manchester United have on television. They have already released the first instalment of the International Specialist campaign recently.

Now, the company executives have revealed that the second instalment will be following suit soon. A number of high profile players from the Manchester United squad including the likes of Ryan Giggs, Wayne Rooney and Hernandez will be part of the advertising campaign. Even brilliant is the fact that Manchester united manager Sir Alex Ferguson is also part of the campaign as well.

DHL is also associated with Formula One as well. It is understood that the advertising campaign will be in such a way as to take advantage of the popularity of both the icons. Formula One is one of the biggest followed sports after the likes of football and NFL.

“For DHL, a claim in an advertising campaign means nothing without a committed team of international specialists and a world-class express delivery network behind it. This latest Manchester United campaign represents a celebration of the global partnerships which help our customers to connect emotionally with the DHL brand. However, we are also celebrating the investments we have made into the people and network that bring our brand to life and connect our customers with their own business partners around the world every day,” said Ken Allen, CEO of DHL Express.