25 replies on “RSL Soccer Tip: Catching the Ball (Goalies)”

  1. @mrsthreedaysgrace

    Do you, by any chance, still have the soccer ball and the cleats? I’d be interested.

  2. hey I have a ball and soccer cleats signed by David beckham I’m not a soccer fan so I can give it to anyone who is interested ! let me know

  3. yeah, this lets your defence know that your coming and to get out of your way. it also warns the forewards that your about to take them out =]

  4. my coach told me that we keepers are supposed to shout ‘keeper’ if we want to fight for the ball

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  6. if u start on ur knees and have someone throw the ball 2 one side, catch the way he says, then fall on the ball so u don’t jamp ur elbow or hands. it is a really fun and easy drill, then eventually move up 2 standing positoin!! hope this is helpful, my coach from this team taught me it!!

  7. plz message me wot goalie gloves they use and why it work 4 them coz need 2 get sum new 1s b4 my season starts. cheers

  8. those are shitty gloves.. are those adidas? get Reusch gloves- they hold up strong and long

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