25 replies on “Ronaldinho Gaúcho 2010/2011 “Compilation” New! HD”

  1. Engraçado ele fazia mais coisa no Milan quando entro no flamengo parece q morreu

  2. fffff freestyle rock thta serie a 🙂 ffff freestyle rock that flamengo 🙂

  3. i wish ronaldinho is 20-25 years so he can show c.ronaldo and messi how to play soccer. :/

  4. Ronaldinho is the best soccer player… I regret that he did not continue playing with Barcelona

  5. @MCtavinho9 el nombre de la cancion se llama Freestyler. Bomfunk MC’s – Freestyler. Son de Finlandia.

  6. красавелла! в европе или в америке незнают Bomfunk MC’s(((

  7. Im so glad i got to live and watch ronaldinho in his prime.. He will be mentioned in next centuries..

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