25 replies on “Ronaldinho attacked by Fan during match”

  1. that was in the Chicago fire game vs. ac milan last year, i went to that game, there were 2 or three people who tried to do the same thing

  2. You gotta remember Monica Seles got stabbed by a fan of her rival. If you wanna streak, cool. If you run at a player, I hope you get fucked up.

  3. Lol He is not attacking Ronaldinho… He is hailing Ronaldinho. And there was no need for the security to tackle the fan as the other guy had him in control.

  4. @dannybotz99

    Observer the situation, even ronaldinho showed respect to the fan. He was almost of the pitch so this was unnecessary

  5. i just love it when some fan who can’t glue his/her butt o the seat instead run around the pitch get rooted by the other fans and the security get boos

  6. fucking love that guy he showed his support and what does he get a load of sweaty men on his back

  7. i cant believe all the responses that think this Knucklehead SHOULDNT have gotten the beatdown of his life!! what in the world are all of you thinkin??????????? Shameful walkin away??? Yea he never could of turned around and ran back out there.. or pulled a weapon out of his pocket are you guys kidding??? you gotta be..

  8. anyone on the crazy fans side is retarded. that guy needs to spend a few nights in jail

  9. Right! Let the guy go! It is absolutely correct to run on the field and harrass the players because it is utterly unimportant what they think. For 100Mio.$ per year they should be able to take unwanted kisses from male fans anytime. The fan is the true victim here. Instead of being asked nicely to leave, he was assaulted with unnecessary force, because it is well known that maniacs who run on the field – something no sane being would ever do – NEVER go crazy and draw weapons, unexpectedly.

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