25 replies on “Plan B – She said singing on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross”

  1. That was a polished performance!! I well rate Plan B, Mans got pure talent! Can sing, rap, act etc, fair play, big future.

  2. I think its really clever how he mixes a sort of indie/alternative rock song with a london gangsta rap, brilliant!

  3. man i want one of those girls with their lovely voices to be my friend

  4. @fancythathat

    it’s not all about his voice the music/songs are catchy why is everyone so fking obsessed with how well people sing

    he is fucking talented check out his early rap stuff him and a guitar and while your at it….chase and status – end credits ft plan b.

    pretty good actor aswell and why u watching this you just fancy trolling or did he bully u @school?

    dont bother replying with ur childish insults kthxbye?

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