Oliver Kahns Abschiedsspiel – End of a carreer

The very last game of Oliver Kahn. Paul Potts done Time to say goodbye stay. The FC Bayern Munich Soccer Team played against the German nationwide soccer team in the Allianz Arena Munich. The Stop of a single of the greatest goalkeepers of his time.
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  1. Bei aller antisympathie gegenüber dem FC Bayern München – Oliver Kahn, und dieser Abschied, berührt jeden wahren Fussballliebhaber

  2. ich kann das so oft gucken wie ich will. ich könnte immer wieder weinen!
    er war der beste

  3. @joonthetoon
    i guess you’re totally right. there will never be a goalkeeper like kahn again
    and btw. the game did not end at that point
    the munich trainer told the ref to stop the game so he could change kahn for him to say goodbye and for paul potts to sing
    after that, the game continued

  4. Kahn was a beast! I wonder if Germany will ever have someone as great has Kahn in their modern football days. By all means Enke (RIP) was and Nuer is good but Kahn was just something else.

    PS- Why was the game called to an end at 75′?

  5. soooooooooooooooooooooooooo mega
    habe dabei fast geheult *:_*
    oli ist und bleibt der beste
    da kann kein casillas ,buffon,looris mithalten ♥

  6. @leslieip1993112

    most of the time one half for the national team and the other for the club

  7. what happens if one player plays for both the german national scocer team and bayern munich?
    which team does that player play for?

  8. It will take a huge set of balls and a very large chin to fill Oliver Kahn’s shoes, both for Bayern and for Germany. ='( what a great farewell game

  9. müsst mal zuhören bei minute 0.43 sagt er keiner steht mehr sollte wohl heissen keiner sitzt mehr 🙂

  10. Oliver kahn was the best keeper of his time! Butt is good, but kahn will be the best 4 ever!

  11. für immer der beste !

    wir vermissen dich olli !

    fußball ohne olli = fußball ohne leben !


  12. da kommen immmer nioch einen die tränen!!!!aber einfach gänsehaut pur!!!!

  13. bei jedem spiel das ich habe

    trage ich ein Oliver Kahn Trikot drunter

    es motiviert mich 😉

    Danke Oli!!!!!!

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