*NEW* World Cup 2010 HD Best Tribute *NEW*

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25 replies on “*NEW* World Cup 2010 HD Best Tribute *NEW*”

  1. This is a beautyfull video it let me think back to a wonderfull WC but the video make me sadd to becaus my country lost the final wtih a offside goal

    greetings from Holland

  2. Since you’ve uploaded this video. i have always watched it everynight before i go to sleep. The passion that thrives through this video, the determination it gives me, The tears that fall. The heart that i have for this sport. Is unbelievable.. I thank God everyday for bringing man a sport such as this. For everybody to embrace and enjoy. I thank God for making these men make it this far, for us to admire and look up to.

    Amazing Video Bro. This video will always bring a tear to my eye.

  3. if only Robben and van Persie werent injured in 2010, it made them less good…
    and why didnt they take van Nistelrooy to the world cup?
    but its still great if your country gets realy far in a world cup, gratz spain…
    from Holland

  4. @hockeymaster2010 Netherlands lost to Spain. That was for the World Cup. Just saying.


    The Final match result

  5. @boypersie Netherlands should have won. Spain lost to Switzerland. Thats a huge fail. just saying.

    Dutch People

  6. @VuurwerkSerkan puuuuuuyyyyyyyyyooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllllllllll ………..i bang my head…….. into the goal……goal goal i scream goal goal i score………………..puyol

  7. @eightysluver van persie is a forward and when playing with holland is utilized as a striker he participated in all of holland’s matches yet he didn’t score a single goal not a good world cup for him same for gerrard he played well against the US but apart from that he wasn’t really up to par

  8. It was ironic how 2 of the biggest under-achievers in the competitions history have met each other in the finals.

  9. Ghana? they were divers and only made through the group stage because of the penalties they got in the aus game and serbia game

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