MotionSports – E3 2010: Live Action Announcement Trailer | HD

Watch some men and women play air sports activities in this trailer for Ubisoft’s Motion Sports. You also can put your fancy dress box to good use by acquiring Ubisoft’s sports activities game for the motion-sensing Kinect Xbox 360 controller. PRE-Purchase: MotionSports – MotionSports – E3 2010: Dwell Action Announcement Trailer | Hd Developer: Ubisoft Release Date: 2010 Genre: Fun, Sports activities Platform: Xbox 360 Publisher: Ubisoft Web site: Follow XboxViewTV on Twitter
Video clip Rating: 4 / 5

21 replies on “MotionSports – E3 2010: Live Action Announcement Trailer | HD”

  1. I want motionsports for skiing and american football and boxing but i want kinect sports as well because of bowling, ping pong and more so ill get both and the good thing about motionsports is it has real graphics not avatars but i still really like both

  2. im get motionsports bc it has football and boxing look cool. ppl on say it sucks but i thank its going to be fun soo im get this one. than get kinect sports.=] but KINECT IS SOOOOOOO FUN.

  3. @thebiznizboyz I Want something fun and sporty i want it fun with friends and cool that’s why i’ll get kinect sports.

  4. @TheDashing96 Kinect sports man, trust me. if ur looking for graphics get motion sports. If your looking for awesomeness…get kinect sports. football is really good on motion sports though but bolwing is amazing on kinect sports. But you decide.

  5. el sistema kinect esta muy bien. pero comprar el juego MOTION SPORTS es tirar el dinero es lo peor que e visto parece un juejo de playstation 2 como puede ser que saquen algo tan mal hecho para kinect. MOTION SPORTS DIRECTO A LA BASURA

  6. This makes me siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick!

    Goes against all my basement dwelling rules.

  7. Ok first off is it just penalty kicks cause thats fucking gay. and 2nd the trailer looks like it has bad body reacting when you move in all the sports?

  8. i wanna have boxing on motion with euphoria because it bee such realistic like in real 😀 😀

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