25 replies on “Miguel Cotto vs Paulie Malignaggi 1/5”

  1. apuesto el culo de q en la pelea de salido y juanma, el digo juamna va a ccorrer como putita q siente q la rompen, igual como paso con cotto y margaro, perros no se pongan a tirar golpes con los mexicanos por q salen perdiendo, les conviene mejor correr como putas en todo el ring, apuesto el culo a quien quiera o diga q juanma no va a correr como puta en elring

  2. @IRONPACMANHD Gayweather Is Fighting Cotto. LOl I Hope Cotto Kicks his Ass!! Funny the Same Cotto All the Flomo`s said was damaged goods when Manny beat him!

  3. paulie is a good boxer sucks at fighting, meaning flywieght power even lower. BUT HE IS A GREAT ENTERTAINER thats why he is still around. Although jersey shore asked him to be on the show but he said he is a O.G guido.

  4. @Friendlynice Im half Puerto Rican and half Italian so I support both fighters but Cotto is #1!!!! Fuck MARGACHEATO!!

  5. ********I HATE IT when guys f**** tweez their eyebrows especially fighters wtf!! how do you think that looks for a fighter? you want some hairspray with that??? if pauly spent more time training and less time in the beauty parlor he would be a G.O.A.T for SURE!********

  6. @friendlynice – of course we do!! Imean I cant speak for all Italians obviously but I dont know any that dont I will tell ya that. Il mio nome è Shane Christopher Valconi e approvo questo messaggio.

  7. @Friendlynice I don’t and I am Italian. Anyone who looks like they belong on Jersey Shore doesn’t get a second glance from me. These people are setting Italians back a few steps. That is for certain.

  8. @BeyondDestiny haha that so true hes legs would of been pretty tired by the time the fight started.. he was probably just nervous though

  9. this dude should in the jersey shore…….COTTO FTW!!!! fuck that cheating motherfucker of margarito

  10. @Krowsnose i’ve boxed for two years so i would know the ‘concept of getting warmed up’. The point is, they are supposed to get warmed up BEFORE their even supposed to come out the locker rooms. Judging from what u said, they might as well just whip out some mitts and train for a couple of minutes as well in the middle of the ring too. and THEN start the fight? hey, why the fuck not right?? acording to you.

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