Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini has said that the TV Times are causing a lot of problems for Manchester City. Manchester city are currently leading the Barclays Premier League by three points and are one of the favourites to lift the title alongside Manchester United.

However, they have been slipping from their strong position of late, as Roberto Mancini has accused the TV companies of maximising their revenue without taking into consideration the affect it has on the teams. Mancini is not the first manager to criticised the TV times of the clubs, as Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has said in the past that the deal with the TV companies is both beneficial and problematic.

Manchester city looked on course for their first title in the Premier League when they were leading the Premier League by five points. However, their crucial match against Chelsea was rescheduled for Monday night in order to accommodate television requests. Manchester City lost the match 2-1 and their form has nosedived since then. Not only did Manchester City lose their first match of the season, but they have also lost their first home game after nearly 2 years. Manchester City had only 48 hours to prepare for the clash with Liverpool and it is something that has infuriated Roberto Mancini.

“I’m disappointed only because we play on the Sunday, January 1, away to Sunderland at 3pm, and then against Liverpool on the third. Liverpool play on the Friday night, the 30th, at home to Newcastle and then against us. I think that makes it easier for others,” Roberto Mancini said with regard to the fixture list for other teams in comparison with Manchester City. He has said that clubs need more than just two days of rest in order to be ready for the opponents.