25 replies on “Luis Figo – The Legend will live forever”

  1. shit video this,shows him celebrating more than playin or scorin. and the fuckin music is wank.

  2. with zidane best player of his time zidane was more talented figo was more constant always played well was the only player i never saw playing bad except on world cup korea but he was injured :p

  3. Man i will kill the person who put dislike to this footballer,he is the best no doubt..

  4. im portuguese and i have to say figo is the best ever better than ronaldo, quaresma, paulo futre, simão sabrosa,-eusébio he had greta vision very intelligent player, we will neber have one alike in ou national team anymore.

  5. he isn’t like ronaldo, he is a true sir. there are very few people that we look and we feel like respecting them. he has a respectful aura. impressive

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