Manchester United’s FebruaryTV schedule has been announced

The Premier League has always been one of the highest viewed football competitions in the world but even more people are tuning into the top tier English League to watch their favorite players and clubs duke it out in the pitch.

One of the main reasons of why the Premier League has turned into an even more tempting and attractive football destination for the fans is due to what is going on in relation to a few of the top clubs.

After going through a disastrous start of the season, Jose Mourinho was sacked from his managerial position in Stamford Bridge and they are currently located in the bottom spots of the Premier League and taking into consideration just how outstanding their performances have been in the previous season, its shocking just how underwhelming Jose Mourinho’s team has been playing in their current campaign.

Louis van Gaal is also going through a mediocre campaign as the head coach of Manchester United after having dropped an alarming amount of points in recent times and having lost their 3rd successive league match on December 26 when facing off with Stoke City and losing 2-0.

The supporters and haters of Manchester United both want to see what will happen with the Premier League club, if they continue dropping points, if Louis van Gaal gets sacked and if he does who will replace him.

Manchester United’s February matches have been announced, all of which will be screened on TV and the team of Louis van Gaal has 2 big games in that month against Chelsea and Arsenal. The fixtures for United’s games of February are as follows:

Feb 2: Stoke (h) 
Feb 7: Chelsea (h) 4pm
Feb 13: Sunderland (a) 12.45pm
Feb 18: FC Midtylland (a)
Feb 25: FC Midtylland (h) 
Feb 28: Arsenal (h) 2.05pm