K’Naan “Take A Minute” (LIVE) at iheartradio

K’Naan performs “Consider A Minute” at Computer Richard & Son Theater in New York on August 2, 2010 (at iheartradio). For much more great Movies, Music, Photographs + A lot more, go to: www.iheartradio.com?cmp=youtube ► FACEBOOK ◄ http ► TWITTER ◄ twitter.com ► MYSPACE ◄ www.myspace.com
Video Rating: five / five

8 replies on “K’Naan “Take A Minute” (LIVE) at iheartradio”

  1. @prelestnost

    He does, gives a shout out to her. Look up “15 minutes away” shes in there.

  2. KNaan I listen to this song everyday over and over again, shedding smiliiiiing tears everytime… it’s become my own Afrikan spiritheart’s mantra.
    I thank U and I thank God for U, and I thank AFRIKA for U and your voice.

  3. @prelestnost
    no it is not a muslim thing…(based on the fact that I am Muslim haha)
    It is true that he doesnt really mention her…i also think that he is quite quiet about it too….

  4. K’naan hearts his mom (always lets us know that, beautiful) and he hearts girls, what about his wife? He never ever mentions her. Is that a muslim thing? Just curious. Great performance as always, he’s a true artist and a beautiful man inside and out.

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