25 replies on “JON LAJOIE LIVE HIGH QUALITY – How To Make Successful Online Videos”

  1. who the fuck is TALKING all the time in the background instead of listening to this genius man??

  2. is dissapointed in naukuna for raining on our parade, look down the comments for his message

  3. @forgeryproof
    Maybe this guy just ordered some hands and is figuring out how to use them.

  4. even people with no hands could use a camera better than the fucktard who recorded this.

  5. He literally only spoke for less than 15 seconds. Yes, it’s irritating, but you know what’s more irritating? Whining about it. Just consider it lucky that he got a decent view 90% of the time with good audio and actually recorded this in the first place. And he was in the audience, he wasn’t a professional, so stfu.

  6. Tip of the day, don’t fucking talk when you are trying to record another person talking

  7. @westboarder oh right cause youre at a comedy show youre not supposed to be enjoying it right? i forgot.

  8. R u guys fucking retarded? The guy filming was just a guy in the audience recording on his cam corder, he wasn’t a fucking professional camera man now stfu retards

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