25 replies on “EPIC! Black ops Sniping Montage #3 – BEST NOSCOPES / QUICKSCOPES howtoCODcom”

  1. This is sick dude, but some of these kills people had you no matter what you could do but you killed em. I think some was staged but not all, still this is sick. That ending couldn’t be staged it was just luck. Have a good COD day and keep em coming.

  2. Why would you put little collaterals in? They’re not even that great. Half this shit isn’t even that good.

  3. how much does adobe after effects cost? n i if i do buy it i also have to get a xbox black ops and a hd pvr 🙁 but still how much does adobe after effects cost?

  4. brilliant vid ‘ guys wat do you wreckon the best class is to quickscope noscope with on black ops ???????

  5. not that good ive seen better, check out xXjesussmurfXx’s channel, his montage is better

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  7. One of the best montage ive seen on youtube…. hey man you should check out my 360 snipe !!! im not a beast at sniping i play with famas all time gamebattles!!! u should check out my clan SFM X

  8. Not bad. Get higher kill streaks.. but the editing made it pretty clean…


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  10. Wow this is really awesome check this guy out xGreenXmachinex for montages like this

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  12. Dude, you should do a technique video, or a tips video. When you were doing those kills my jaw just kept dropping lower and lower, you go hard on enemies, i’d hate to be on the opposite team.

  13. THis montage is one of the best iv seen i subd you… sub back !!! THANKS

  14. DUDE WOW WTF sexy ass montage what stuff did you use to edit cuz i have no idea how to make my shit as epic as this.

  15. nice montage one of the best sniping i have seen in Black Ops, keep it up andhope you make another that is longer too =)

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