Earth Quake in Japan – Tsunami LIVE News 11.03.2011

Buildings on fire dot a huge wall of mud littered with boats and debris shifting rapidly across farmland in northern Japan. Houses, cars and a train can be seen in the route of the tsunami. • 8.nine-magnitude quake triggers tsunami • Epicenter 373 kilometers from Tokyo • Huge debris-crammed wave sweeps inland • At minimum 10 dead, numerous individuals hurt • 20 nations in area problem tsunami alerts
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  1. @stechan1092 i’m just liking your comment to keep it on the top…you have my most heartfelt sympathy…if there was anything i could for you, believe me, i would.
    don’t give up!

  2. The fact that people come here to speak like they know something instead of just agreeing with most of the decent public that this is a horrific experience for Japan and the other countries affected is just a reminder for those fighting for good to keep fighting, because obviously there are those too weak to say or do anything productive and compensate their lack of understanding by attacking those who know how to care or love. Praying for everyone over there, keep up the support guys.

  3. I just Donated to the Relief Fund. GO DONATE!

    Lets hope they don’t find anymore DEAD bodies.

  4. people who are thinking that japan “deserves” this; you are all retards.
    not all japanese people think its right to slaughter dolphins
    japan gave us pokemon, nintendo, sony, and loads more

  5. @ilaskatolino you fucking asshole!
    yeah, some people go whaling and kill dolphins and whales,
    but does that mean that all japanese people think its right?!
    you fucking heartless prick
    people are dying out there and you’re saying that it serves them right?!
    wow you need help
    go live in japan, the people are so beautiful. inside and out,
    go live there for a year, come back, then comment
    and prepare to fucking feel bad
    btw, the japanese invented sony, nintendo, pokemon
    be fucking grateful you PRICK

  6. lol…i imagine myselfdrivng a bycice and then turning my head and seeing a big wave over me….XD

  7. Serves them fuckin right!!! … they do mass slaughter on dophins a year… nature returns them a fuckin favor > .!.

  8. @DemonKnight5150 I agree with what you’re saying but this isn’t the place for this god debate crap… chill the fuck out people.

  9. i think god just sent a message to japan tellin them they were too many ppl on a small surface of land

  10. We are very very sad now.
    Because we lost our family and friends and home and money.
    Today,another big earthquack hits Sizuoka!!!!!Sizuoka is near Tokyo!!!!!!!!!
    We are very very very confused…..

    But greatfull people in the world help us and pray for us.This is amazing!
    We never forget these amazing help.So we want to do something in return someday.
    Thank u !I love u!谢谢 고맙다 Merci Danke Grazie Gracias Obrigado شكراСпасибо Teşekkürler

  11. @RPsyx because im not in japan. i live in dublin, ireland. my folks r in japan.

  12. has anyone noticed that between 3:39 to 3:50 there is a gray object in the air passing from right to left …

  13. @ultraman257 Aye, totally agree it is sick that some people are glad that this has happened or think that it is deserved. There is so much work to be done over there and with probably more damage to come with more aftershocks expected in the next few days. They need support and help from everyone.

  14. @stechan1092 how in the world to u have time to post time on youtube if u have all that going on??

  15. MultiSuperGod isn’t from America. He’s probably some prick on the no fly list who wants people to hate America.

  16. @kylewazere07 Wow, would you calm down.. This wasnt meant to infuriate someone, but just give them general information without making definite assumptions by what you see.
    Writing your own negativity isnt helping anyone.

  17. this news reporter is an idiot “one of the worst earthquakes to ever hit Japan” Its is quiet clearly the worst to ever hit Japan, even the world.. Typical American idiot, then he says “We will get a rough estimate on the extent of the damage at this time”. Look at the pictures you idiot..

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