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  1. @BilyTheKidNacional zidane 3 ???? are u serious ??? what about garrincha ,eusebio ?? also Ronaldo fenomeno and cruyff better than him. i will put zidane in the same level as bobby charlton ,paolo maldini, lev yashin ,michel platini ,romario…and a lot of other ,but never third. 1. Pele 2 .maradona 3. Ronaldo fenomeno……..than the rest !!

  2. @ZBTEproductions
    Nah, even Roberto Carlos himself admitted that was a mis-hit shot, so you can’t call it a truly great goal. But if you liked that goal you will love this one: Just type “Roberto Carlos Impossible Goal against Tenerife in HQ” in the search bar, and prepare to be amazed!!! 😀
    (I don’t know if he meant that goal either)

  3. 1- Pelé 2-Maradona 3-Zidane 4-Franz Beckenbauer 5-Johan Cruyff 6-Ronaldo ( Brasil) 7-Messi 8-Ronaldinho 9- Roberto Baggio 10- XAVI obs: Pele>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Maradona  Ronaldo>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Messi

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