25 replies on “Aerosmith Venezia 2010 Dream On HD”

  1. @amaracouturex

    he had like three throat surgerys they basicly severed all the nerves in his voice box, not alot of singers do that

  2. @amaracouturex Fuck me, that’s the best looking 62 I’ve ever seen……Go on ya, Tyler!

  3. @Brenny1213 You must be tone def because he doesn’t sound like a crow! So please move on and hate on someone else, but please not Steven, he’s the best!

  4. @Brenny1213 any crow he sounds like shud get a record deal….move with ur hating

  5. I looked In the description and it says Steven Tylen instead of Steven Tyler lol

  6. I really like the “now listen” at 3:12 – 3:15
    Steven tyler is, along with his music, immortal to me

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