World Cup Soccer – How to stay safe in South Africa

Report by Silke Ceruti

It is however not just tales a single gets to listen to about robberies, murder and other crime in South Africa.

I know, I used to dwell in Johannesburg until finally August 2009!

When browsing South Africa for the Soccer Globe Cup bear in mind the following record of “points not to do”…

one. Arriving at the airport can be quite overpowering as you will uncover a strange blend of European flair and seems combined with strong African influences. In scenario you are not getting collected by an individual recognized to you, be aware of the simple fact that only black guys in a marked uniform and a badge on them really should deal with your luggage. Do not have confidence in any civilian making an attempt to be beneficial with taxis and directions!!!!!!

2. Even now at the airport, make positive you really don’t have also a lot visible and costly hunting jewellery and watches exhibiting. Don’t get me wrong, but you are producing yourself a goal. There has been circumstances of men and women being followed from the airport and becoming hijacked and robbed on their way to th hotel or property.

three. In situation you determine to drive youself in South Africa, there is sadly a total great deal of issues to view out for…

4. Don’t drive with your windows down in any city center. You will see very a number of beggars or salesmen rushing close to at robots, and not all of them are up to very good. A very good buddy of mine lost his gold necklace that way, ripped off by a sweet minor boy asking for some cents.

five. One more dilemma at robots is window smashing. Most of the time its being accomplished with spark plugs as they will make your window shatter proper away. In seconds you will shed something lying open! Never have handbags up coming to you on the seat, and maintain your windows open by just about 5cm. This will automaticallymake it far more challenging to smash the window (a trick the AA is giving out to South African drivers).

six. If you are driving at night time in a town, there is an unwritten rule you can stick to…specially if you are a female…any robot with absolutely no traffic coming from any path can be handled as a four way cease (I by no means stopped at night time anyplace if not necessary), of program quite carefully!

seven. If you have the feeling of being followed, maintain driving, really don’t quit underneath any conditions, even if it is an unmarked police auto with a blue light. Call 10111 and ask to be directed to the next police station!

8. There are tons of beautiful markets all more than the nation, and especially in Johannesburg and Capetown. Don’t stroll with a backpack or a shoulderbag. There is fairly a handful of tricksters about who will slice your bag open with out you even noticing!

nine. Previous and most crucial advice…if you are getting robbed, assaulted or threatened, Don’t BE A DEAD HERO! DO Whichever IS ASKED! Really don’t glimpse at their faces, they do not want you to be in a position to identify them!

It feels horrible to create all these horrible notes, particularly because South Africa is such a lovely country with so numerous warm and loving people residing there.

Get pleasure from your journey, allow it be an unforgettable one…for the proper good reasons!

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