The FIFA World Cup Finals are just weeks away now and thus obviously people have started to talk about the favourites.

Generally, the teams in top 5 in the world rankings are believed to have the best chance of going all the way to the final 4 and lift the trophy, but, this time around, a comparatively lower ranked side has emerged as top favourite. It’s Brazil (10th ranked) which is also the host country of the tournament.

Brazil is getting backed to win the World Cup because they would be playing in the conditions which they know perfectly and also they would have the support of the passionate home crowd behind them.

Some people might argue that Brazil is a slightly inexperienced side and so, might crumble at a big stage, but, Confederations Cup was a great example of the fact that that the young Brazilian players are actually quite good as far as the temperament is concerned.

However, it’s not that Brazil is the alone favourite and nobody can challenge them during the course of the tournament. Off course, there are other teams too which are pretty balanced and one of them is Germany.

Skill wise, Germany is probably the best side in the world at the moment. Spain also has some great players, but, they are going downhill now. Also, the thing with the Spanish players is that they seem to have lost hunger to win. At least, their recent performances suggest so.

Off Course, Portugal with Cristiano Ronaldo and Argentina with Lionel Messi cannot be ruled out either, but, these two sides are over dependent on some players and that’s never a good sign for a team especially going into a tournament like World Cup.

However, it doesn’t matter which team wins it, the tournament will be cracking; that’s for sure.