Wavin’ Flag (Official Music Video) – K’naan & David Bisbal (NEW 2010!)

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25 replies on “Wavin’ Flag (Official Music Video) – K’naan & David Bisbal (NEW 2010!)”

  1. you people are morons.. this song is a song that brings all nations together in freedom and peace and make’s us all winers !!

  2. سخ ه مهسش

    هسخشنشعسشةتشهكشمسسح سيبسن بيتخويستبسي سنعهس تسس

  3. next time i go to mexico to see a game ill sing this song and see how they react

  4. I LOVE THIS SONG ITZ AWSOME!!! Lol there was a boy with no clothing on and was painted red and white!! xD

  5. @Freaky99100 Well, it was a part of Coca Cola’s advertisement campaign during the World Cup 🙂

  6. I love it. Grew up in Venezuela, my first spoken language Spanish, now English.

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