This is… Freestyle Football – The Art, The Biz, The Life Part 2

In Episode 2 – The initial of 2 performances we did for the night. This is RAW and UNCUT footage to display you what “really” happens at a indicate like this. Overview: We were invited to Bilbao, Spain to carry out for the duration of the Kings Cup football match. FC Bilbao (Spain’s oldest football club) was playing against FC Barcelona but in Valencia and it was these a significant occurring that they created it feasible for the supporters to observe the game live on big screens in their property stadium. We have been component of the enjoyment. Sean (2008 Freestyle Entire world Champion), John Farnworth (2006 Freestyle Globe Champion), Wass & Nelson de Kok launched Bilbao to freestyle… it was a night they will in no way forget.. Remain tuned Episode’s three & 4.
Video clip Rating: 4 / five

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  1. GREAT LIGE EPRFOMANCE!!! I can see that you all very happy!!!:) Guys you’re great!

  2. yo! Im a freestyler from India, Mumbai city!
    Wanna battle any one?? Open challenge!!!

  3. watch vids of matthew gernaat, he’s a dutch street soccer player from my town 😉 he’s one of the worlds best and he’s sponsored by Pelé

  4. @yedkheykh thats john farnworth hes a world champion and has numerous world records

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