Soccer- The Truth About Kids Soccer

Article by Thomas K


Lets get one thing straight from the start. Half the kids around the world play soccer because it’s fun. The other half are forced to play by their parents. Statistics shows that over 80% of children playing soccer will quit the game before they become a teenager. So why are so many kids quitting the game they supposedly love? Is the world game in trouble?

The world game is not in trouble, far from it. More kids play soccer all over the world than any other sport. So whats the reason behind the mass exodus?

Kids Soccer and the attraction factor.

Lets be honest here. Kids play soccer because it’s fun. Soccer is a game that only requires two knees that bend, a round ball and the imagination to dream of playing on the big stage. The game is very easy to learn and only requires the kids to kick a ball into a goal that is¬†covered with the old onion bag. Kids can run around like headless chooks in pursuit of the ball and are given the freedom to compete simultaneously. No child while competing has to wait for his turn, instead he is offered a non-stop, high intensity workout that has very little rules or restrictions. Is there a better a game for a young child?

Kids Soccer and the Parents

When young children start playing soccer it’s all about the fun. The fun seems to stop when the parents start to get involved. Parents with the all the best intentions place far too much pressure on their kids to win. With all this added pressure guess what happens to the fun? That’s right, it disappears. Soccer is no longer fun but a big disappointment. The pressure continues to mount until the child can no longer sustain their parents ambitions. When a child feels the need to satisfy his parents demands and desires you can bet your bottom dollar that the child will inevitably become another statistic.

Never live your failed sporting career through your child. Allow your child to make his own mistakes and the freedom to make mistakes. Only then will kids soccer remain fun.</div><div><table border=”0″ cellspacing=”0″ cellpadding=”0″><tbody><tr><td valign=”top”><div class=”sig”>

Are you the reason why your child will quit Soccer?</div></td></tr></tbody></table></div>

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