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  1. why are the only logically thinking pople in these ads are black? god, I hate when they overdo racial compensation.

  2. “Haha, I think that white person has an iPhone hahaah xD
    Way to pwn Apple, Microsoft!”

    lol are you serious?? how can ppl possibly make this into a racial argument- you’re all so stupid it’s amazing. And since when is the iPhone for white people in any way shape or form and microsoft for others?

    I didn’t even have two brain cells flicker to even consciously think about the fact that one guy is white and the other is black. It’s 2011, I really can’t believe people would make that comment

  3. This guy has got to be on every commercial on tv..he is definitely an advertising “whore”

  4. I dont even want to go past page 1 of the comments section… Pitiful that people think this commercial is prejudice. you all that find this offensive in any way what-so-ever have minimal critical thinking skills. Bad thing is, you dont even need that for these commercials… -_-

  5. @ChuckMcFinley I think decades of oppression in a white society as black men and women, they are allowed 30 seconds air time where they’re in charge.

  6. Haha, I think that white person has an iPhone hahaah xD
    Way to pwn Apple, Microsoft!

  7. @Lannnyto Oh you know just the fact he says “not be that guy” and one guy is black and one guy is white.

  8. Citibank identity theft, Subway photocopy butt, Holiday Inn business services, Fedex MBA ad, Fedex carrier pigeons, anti-white Gain fabric softener,
    AND SO MANY MORE……Just keep takin’ it, white people!

  9. ALL commercials with a black and white man make out the white man to be stupid, inappropriate, misinformed, dorky, etc. Meanwhile, the soul brother has all the answers . Look at the Windows Phone 7 ad with the two men at the urinals. Search for Racist Aleve commercial. Snickers speed walker. Wamu banking another way. ING. Southwest airlines fees. Fidelity Investments Golf. Nacho drag. Hotels.com bubble bath. Staples dell ink. Old spice punch. Dr. Pepper Dr. Dre. MGD 64 beer stein.

  10. @proent How was this racist?

    The guy got a phone so he could watch his son play and not be as stressful as the referee.

    Where’s the racism?

  11. @hotdog782 They’re not saying that they don’t want you to use your phone. you can spend 5 seconds taking a picture on the windows phone, but on the iphone you might take 15 seconds and the final product is still the same. on windows phone, you just hold down the shutter button, take the photo, swipe, and tape share, to upload to facebook. on the iphone, you have to unlock the phone enter passcode, click on camera, take photo, close camera, open facebook app, go to photos, and tap upload. get it?

  12. Are they basically saying they don’t want you to use the phone?

    Thumbs up if you agree.

  13. @GuitarCovers2112 The Melissa person is someone who has wrote on that guys contact’s wall. Not the guy in the picture.

  14. the Melissa Kerr person in his contacts is a guy. o.O his name is melissa?!?! WTF?!?!

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