25 replies on “SkyTomb Survival – Ep. 3 | Finding Goodies!”

  1. I’ll be honest idk why but I got scared when u found that cave/tomb I thought the door will lock u in.. Lmao

  2. hey otter i just found your channel looks pretty well nice to see a new face or voice in this case but your commentry sounds a bit boring no harm done i hope but i will think about subing

  3. well it was against the rules of the survival map. some people like to do it the way it was designed

  4. Ugh, every time you mine a chest I wanna scream… >.< Using a pickax (or any other tool) to something that it isn't meant to mine doubles the wear on it... (or at least that's what happens to me)

  5. break into the obsidian chest with the iron pick, but u dont git the obsidian and i takes a shit load of time

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