The officials from the majority of the Spanish clubs have confirmed that the 2012-13 La Liga season will not face any disruption this season and will be starting as planned. An emergency meeting has been held between the professional soccer league and the disgruntled clubs in order to discuss the TV rights problem. However, this is not expected to delay the start of the new Spanish league season as it happened in the previous season. The Spanish league has been often affected by strikes just before the start, and it appeared to be the case once again this time around as well.

However, a majority of the clubs have now confirmed that the league will start as planned. The disgruntled clubs, which amount 13 in number, has said that they are not happy with the way that the broadcasters Mediapro and Canal+ have handled the issue. Both these broadcasters have a lot of debts with the 13 clubs in the Spanish la Liga, which has started affecting the revenues and net income of the clubs. As a result, they want their future sorted out as soon as possible, but has said that the start of the new season will not be affected as a result of this protest.

“There will have to be a solution but it won’t be ready tomorrow. It was an extremely important step forward that the secretary of state is perfectly aware of the issues to be addressed. We fully agree that the way football is organised in Germany would be an ideal formula to apply in Spain, both in the equitable distribution of (cash from) audiovisual rights and treating the fans with maximum respect,” said the president of Real Betis, Miguel Guillen in a recent interview ahead of the start of the new season.