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  1. @misstheartsmakeup ahhh, aren’t you cute. But, newsflash dumbass: there is no god, and it is my place to judge. My opinion is the only one that counts, and if you disagree it’s because you’re an ignorant 2nd class citizen. Stfu.

  2. @MBstrada21 Really? And who are you to talk when you’re sitting here on the computer trolling and insulting people that you don’t even know? Huh? You have no room to judge, no one does, but God. How about you take some advice and get the fuck over yourself and stop wasting your life away trying to tear other people down just to build yourself up. If you’re so fucking perfect why don’t you post videos opening your life up for people to see like these people do? Wait, oops you don’t have a life 🙂

  3. @shofizzy They might not have handled this on camera, you don’t know what happens when the camera is off. I also never saw Princesstard get in trouble for taking Babytard’s stuff, and I’ve been watching since the beginning. I don’t even know if Princesstard ever took any of Babytard’s stuff anyways.

  4. best intro as well as the one where it goes “His beard is awesome and his kids are awesome” I love that one

  5. 2:16 pause for adorable babytard 2:13 pause for adorable princesstard 9:14 pausfor adorable sontard 2:52 pause for adorable rocktard

  6. @ilikethenamefred No matter what you say you will always be pedophile trash.

  7. @SenseiDonGraham okay now your just annoying. DROP IT you dont even know what your talking about. but whatever floats your boat..

  8. Babytard is NOT getting more attention than any other child. Lay off its Shay ans katilettes family not yours geesh.

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  10. Its starting to feel hot over here in East Canada.. its been sunny for 4 days straight and alot of heat..

  11. @ilikethenamefred Sort your fucking life out you sick ass piece of shit. Your going to prison for wanting to fuck a minor, then your going to hell!

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