Sani Kaita and Nigerian Soccer Fans. Who is Innocent?

Report by Smiley George

Nowadays 21st June is earth music day. The reminder alarm from my cellular phone wakes me up. I had left the transistor radio on all by means of the evening before riding deep into rest. So I woke up this early morning to get jailer enjoying. Immediately following jailer, one enjoy by tuface idibia played thereafter, Africans unite by legendry late bob Marley. Ahead of it could end playing, the electrical power authority withheld power. I in no way complain simply because I know that is the way of residing in Nigeria.

Thirty minutes later or there about, I switched the radio of my cellular phone onto get up-to-date news and taking place about the world. To my amazement, the sports activities headline left me seeking to know the which means of lifestyle, sportsmanship and fair play an accredited trade mark of and by FIFA to kick start off any football tournament. The headline reads – Kaita receives another death threats. The news readers continue stating that the Nigerian Football Association NFA has official noted the incident to the earth football system FIFA.

Shortly, another message arrived in that there is tight safety in and inside the hotel that the Super Eagles lodged and they skilled below tight security and in closed doors. Even though, Kaita’s unprofessional conduct induced Nigeria the match, Nigerians across the planet ought to be conscious that we are not Columbians and did not get colonization from the Columbians. Sure, there have been condemnations from Nigerians just before the full time for the match to Sani Kaita. Barely 24hours thereafter, Nigerians, showcased there vocabulary / grammar prowess on face guide and other related mass media mediums.

The accused Sani Kaita has passed by way of a great deal within these handful of days emotional and other smart as his house back residence has been burnt. Why? He has apologized to Nigerians and the football local community. Even although our chance of qualifying into the second round is on probability, all these threating Kaita, did you give daily life to him? In case you do not know, your life and that of Kaita is on mortgage and the rightful operator would a single day ask for it and you all need to be ready to give account.

In the spirit of honest play and sportsmanship, specially as the globe celebrates earth audio day nowadays, let’s all attempt to put aside what has took place and appear forward to an excellent efficiency this Tuesday 22nd June 2010 as the Tremendous Eagles defend there African title as the large of Africa versus the Koreas. Let he /she who is with out guilt press the trigger.

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